Monday, July 16, 2012

Siblings Without Rivlary

Being only two years apart, it is inevitable that the boys have their share of sibling rivalry. It is developmentally appropriate behaviour anyway.

I always try to look at those situations positively as opportunities for them to learn better behaviour and for me to teach them. Overall, they have learnt to play very well together, though there are still unavoidable episodes which result in much frustration and tears. 

At nearly 6 and 8 years old, they can be the best of friends in the afternoon and also each other's most annoying person on Earth by night fall. They call each other names and have shouting matches that usually last about for minutes until I enter the their room.

They also wrestle more now. Mostly friendly until one experiences pain and play may get a little out of control. Recently, a boy punched the other on the lips in retaliation to a rough knock. The result: a slightly swollen upper lip, a bruise on leg, an angry mum who withdrew some weekend benefits and a dad who shrugged with a remark 'that is what you get when you play rough'.

When they aren't fighting, be it just friendly play or not, they often collaborate. I love it when they put their minds together and work as a team towards the same goal, helping each other achieve something greater and bigger. 

I am not going to hide my disapproval of them spending precious time on the iPad playing Plants vs. Zombies but the one good thing that comes out of playing this game is they work as a team to achieve the bigger goal.

To have a brother to tell stories to and discuss ideas and plans with is so precious. It's even more so to be able to lie next to each other to tickle and giggle.


In this photo: one early weekend morning. A bright and cheery Chip was the first to wake. As usual, he climbed into M's bed all ready to whisper the day's plans.

There are indeed many advantages of growing up together with a sibling. I hope they would cherish such childhood memories in future, just as I do of mine. Those years of sharing a room with my sister were some of my best childhood memories. 

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