Monday, May 14, 2012

The Skinny Problem

I know many mums are like me - worrying incessantly about things that dads would never bat an eyelid on.

One of these being my kids' weight.

Right from the day my boys were born, I have been concerned about their weight gain and the lack of it.

They started out so chubby but the baby fat started melting away when they turned 4 months. By the time they blew out their first birthday candle, the not-so-nice aunties and uncles would tell me point-blank that my kids were undernourished.

They were NOT. They were just lanky. Very long and lean with just skin over their skinny frame.

By the time they were toddlers, they had lost every ounce of fat (to the naked eye, I mean). Whenever I showered or dressed them, I would feel a slight sadness, guilt and self-doubt. I couldn't help but wondered if I feed them right.

The dad always assures me that they just have his skinny genes. Well, he was very skinny back in those years.

Some concerned relatives had suggested I give them fast food a few times a week and feed as much deep-fried and chocolates as they fancy. But I stuck to my guns. No, they will continue their diet comprising mainly whole-grains, a wide range of unprocessed food and as many home-cooked meals as possible. I don't cut back on good fat, but I also don't let them indulge in saturated fat, junk food with empty calories just to 'fatten' them up.

A visit to the nutritionist last year sort of put my mind at ease. If the nutritionist thinks my boys have healthy appetites, are fed a good range of healthy food in sufficient quantity, then it should be fine.

Anyway, after a long, long wait, Marcus finally weighs over 20kg. Haha!

It's about time, baby.


Handydog said...

When they look at me, they wonder. Then they see their father, they understand. So I give up explaining, just smile.

Domesticgoddess said...

Hee... but when they look at the father now, all the more they will think my boys are definitely undernourished. :P


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