Saturday, May 12, 2012

Coaching Olivia

The hubby of a close friend asked me recently if I intend to homeschool Olivia instead of sending her to a preschool.

After all, I have coached my boys with the trans-disciplinary thematic learning method since they were just toddlers, all through their preschool years and have achieved obvious good outcomes with both.

They also joined my lapbooking classes, which I facilitated with the same learning method, so they are exposed to the group discussions to hone their thinking, problem-solving and presentation skills.

I could have just coached them at home, but they would have missed out the opportunities to be involved and interact in the group discussions, a key aspect of the Bright Minds Lapbookers programme for all age groups.

Not only has the learning process given the boys a sense of confidence and achievement, more importantly, the coaching method inspires in them a love for learning and taught them to think for themselves and be independent learners who seek out knowledge instead of waiting to be spoonfed.

So yes, I have decided long before Olivia was born that she will be coached with the same method, right from infancy.

That said, there are also areas that I will tweak and things that I will now do differently with Olivia.

After all, my parenting journey as a very involved mum to the boys and experience as teacher/coach to hundreds of tots and preschoolers, has also taught me plenty.

More on this in another post.

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