Friday, May 11, 2012

Olivia: The 7-Months-old Go-Getter

It has been an exciting one month to witness the various ways that my baby has blossomed into a go-getter.

A day before Olivia turned 7 months, she sat up straight in her playpen without any wobbling and spent the next 20 min or so busy chomping on her teether and all the other toys that she could reach.

Ten days later, she started clapping her hands. She claps when she is happy. Sometimes she just claps out of the blue, before breaking into a grin. Super adorable.

A few days of clapping experience was enough for her to associate her act with the spoken word 'clap' and mummy's wild exclamations of pride, which in turn provided her with much joy and encouragement. Now, when I say 'clap' in front of her, her baby hands would find each other to make a sweet clapping sound, followed by a generous chuckle and a cheeky expression.

She babbles non-stop. I have come to realize recently that besides 'clap', she also understands 'splash', 'water', 'milk' and 'light'.

Soon after, she began a new stunt. She started pulling herself up when she was placed in her playpen and cot.

At first, her legs were rather wobbly and she could not figure out what to do to relief her tired arms and legs. So for many days, after a few minutes of pulling herself up, she would cry and utter sounds to get our attention, as if urging us to go rescue her.

Days later, she made progress. She would let go of both hands and fall backwards. Then she experimented with letting go of one hand before discovering she could just bend her knees and let go of both hands concurrently to land on her butt.

Like her brothers, Olivia is great entertaining herself in the playpen for a good 30 - 45 min at a stretch now. Occasionally, she will seek our attention and require some TLC. But if she is fed, dry and restful enough, all she needs is a quick cuddle before returning to the playpen for more playing.

She started exploring the house in her walker a few weeks ago. Her newfound freedom. She squeals with excitement and dashes around with a big smile.

She has discovered toys hidden under flannels and blankets. She fusses when I dim the light in my room for bedtime. She remembers where she last saw her favourite objects (e.g. remote controls and my handphone) and looks longingly in that direction whenever she enters my bedroom.

She was first introduced to solids when she turned 6 months. I started very slow and hesitated a lot along the way, lacking the enthusiasm I had with the boys. Now she has two meals a day, each comprising of 4 tbsp organic cereal mixed with 25 ml breast milk and 2-3 cubes of homemade pureed/mashed organic produce.

My beautiful dolly turns 8 months this week.

She started cruising yesterday. Just two steps, and very cautiously. And we spotted the tip of her first milk tooth, cutting through her gums.

My dolly.  xx

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