Sunday, November 20, 2011

When He is Alone

On weekdays, there are a few hours in the morning when Chip has to play on his own.

It is something I always encourage him to do and he has been good at it. 


He built these with Jenga blocks during those mornings. 

When he is not playing, he will read, draw or write stories. 

Before Olivia was born, he used to be able to entertain himself and keep busy for hours. 

But lately, I notice a change. 

He asks to be played with several times a day. He tells us he is bored. He asks for the iPad TOO many times a day. He stares out of the window a lot longer. He seems lost. 

It makes me sad.

I know he seeks our attention more often now than before, which is totally understandable. He seems to whine a lot more, over the tiniest things. And he writes us I Love You notes almost on a daily basis. 

E warns me about the middle child syndrome when we were discussing our plans to conceive and during the pregnancy, he reminded me often. I was confident that we will be able to handle it well and my middle child won't feel neglected. 

Obviously we aren't handling it well enough. We have to do better! 


Homeschool @ sg said...

Hugs, I know what you're saying. Mine too is asking for iPad too many times, crying at the littlest of things! Is it becoz of the newborn or their going thru a phase? I gotta to try harder too! :(

Domesticgoddess said...

I am quite sure my Chip is reacting due to our baby's arrival. The whining is just his way of seeking attention because he notices that baby gets our attention when she cries.

Asking for iPad too often is like TV addiction. Unfortunately my hubby gave in too easily when my boy whines and would just shove him the iPad as the easiest way to get some peace. This is a habit I am adamant to change soon.


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