Sunday, November 13, 2011

Olivia: 2 months old

I can't remember if my boys were the same at this age, but this baby loves being cradled and will protest when we put her down. 

During the day, she can nap a long time in my arms but will wake the moment she is placed on any beds. Once in a while, she may continue napping for another 10 min but will wake up crying, supposedly realizing she is no longer in the same place. The moment she is back in my arms, she returns to snoozing. 

Her feeds in the day are getting quicker; usually she seems to have enough after just 5 to 7 min of nursing. If I offer more, she threatens to throw up. Unfortunately, this is probably why she needs to be nursed every 2 to 2.5 hours. Only occasionally will she nurse longer and even take my offer of the second side. 

At the moment, her bedtimes and night wakings are still all over the place. On a good night, she goes to bed before 9pm and will wake once between then and 6am. Otherwise, she calls it a night between 10pm and 11pm and is up for two brief feeds between 2am and 8am. 

One of her favourite activities is face-time. She loves to be talked to and will smile and coo back throughout the entire 'conversations'. 

She likes Marcus, who is very good at calming her down with his voice and gentle touch. 

It is so much joy to take her out for 'sightseeing'. So far, I've brought her out on my own to run errands, grocery shopping, strolls around parks and have lunch dates with friends. She enjoys our outings and will nap in her pram when we are out and about.

It's so rewarding to see her growing and fattening up on mummy's milk. :>

IMG_4546Pouting.... in a seal-like pose. Grandma was burping her very, very gently. We used to see this pouting a lot more a month ago. She seems to have stopped recently. 

IMG_4549Woo.... showing off her chubby arms in a cute Cesar top from one of my favourite shops Chateau de Sable. I love this top! :> Thank you Aileen (and Muse)! 

CIMG1127Her baby hands in mine. 

CIMG1132Dozing off in her own comfy 'couch'. Her roundness in this photo cracks me up! 

CIMG1155Looking solemn in a hand-me-down PJ from Chip's time. Actually she just woke from a nap in daddy's arms. 

CIMG1167Smiling at Marcus who was singing to him. In a super soft onesie from The Children's Place

CIMG1170Cooing and conversing with Mama. One of my favourite photos!

CIMG1173Chubby, chubby arms! Makes me laugh! 


Dominique @ Dominique's Desk said...

She's so chubby and cute!!..can't wait to see her.

Kiasu Mom said...

She is a beauty. Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

She is so pretty! I miss having newborn babies. LOL! Err...I'm very curious to know her chinese name because of the blog post previously about you and your spouse struggling with the chinese name. But it is ok too if you do not sure whether you wish to reveal or not. :)


Handydog said...

Awww...Don't remind me PLEASE!!!

Domesticgoddess said...

Thanks Rachel! Our girls can meet up next year for playdates. :>

Kiasu Mom, thanks. :>

Thanks J, I hope she will grow up to be as pretty as your girls. Hmm.. perhaps you are ready for a 3rd! Hee hee... I let you know her Chinese name the next time I see you, okie?

Domesticgoddess said...

Karen, I am beginning to wonder if showing you Olivia more often will change your mind. Haha... I shall tempt Stanley too. *evil laugh*

Anonymous said...

just saw your reply. Hahahaa... I am fine with 2 for now and yes, of course no problem to let me know when we next meet. :) j


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