Saturday, November 12, 2011

On The Way Up

I am a lot happier this week. 

And this is possible only because of the most wonderful emotional and moral support I had received during the days when I hit bottom

All the heartwarming text messages, emails, MSN chats and blog comments from friends and blog readers to encourage and comfort me have made such a positive difference during the difficult period. Thank you so much!!! 

It means so much to know that friends (and even strangers) care enough to take time out of their busy lives to write to me, so much so that I got emotional (in a good way!) every time I read a note or message. 

When I had my boys, I felt really alone with no one to talk to. I could have talked to my girlfriends back then, but they wouldn't have understood since they were all unmarried or married without kids. Perhaps that was why it was much easier to spiral into depression.

But this time round, I feel so blessed that I am surrounded by a group of super supportive friends who patiently read/listened to me 'pouring out my woes' day after day and reminded me with comforting words and wisdom to put things into perspective. 

It also helps that I have managed to resume part of our routine and find time on a daily basis to do some home-learning with at least one of the boys. It definitely makes me happier to feel that I am 'achieving' more than just nursing baby all day long. 

Another reason to cheer - according to my bathroom scale, I have only 3 kg left to lose. Yay! Not bad at all, considering it's been only 2 months post baby and it's without dieting or exercising. Just breastfeeding and doing housework. Lots of floor mopping since I am the only one in the house who mops the floor. 

But I would still like to be able to get into some exercise regime soon. Can't wait to tone up and regain some strength and fitness. 

Three weeks ago, I could only fit into one pair of pre-baby pants and none of the skirts. Today, 10 skirts fit perfectly. The challenge is to find blouses in my wardrobe that can accommodate the expanded chest. :P So some shopping is badly needed. 

Anyway, things look rosier right now. And I know, it will only get better. 

This article helps a lot too. 

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Anonymous said...

When one good thing comes along, there will be more to come! Gambatei!!! :) j


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