Friday, November 25, 2011

Boys' Share of Chores

Well-meaning friends often suggest that I engage my boys with more housework to lighten my load.

I'm the kind of parent who believes that children must learn to help out at home and that the earlier they learn to be independent and responsible, the better it is for them. 

But sometimes I look at the kids and wonder what exactly can I train them to do at this age.

I know of friends whose kids are already washing the dishes, operating the washing machine, hanging up the laundry, washing their own school shoes, helping out in cooking and cleaning the floor on a daily basis.

Their kids are the same age as mine, but mine are not anywhere near as helpful.

Ok, to be fair to the boys, we still haven't removed the kitchen gate that prevents them from entering the laundry and kitchen area. Even when there isn't any cooking going on, E forbids the kids from entering the kitchen.

Frankly, I don't need the boys to load the laundry into the washing machine and pressing a few buttons to start a cycle either. Besides, they can't reach the place that I use to hang the laundry, so taking them down is out of question too.

Umm.... my boys are feeding and dressing themselves. They drop their dirty clothes in the laundry basket. They brush their teeth and pack their own bags. M showers himself. On some days, they need reminders and barking from me before they remember to pick up their Lego mess and tidy their room. Surprisingly, little Chip is the one with more initiative in this area.

And there is one thing that they do which always makes me smile - how they make their beds.



Stuffed animals hugged lovingly by rolled up blankets. :) 

I think Grandpa taught them to do this when he was here in May and the boys have been doing this ever since.

Perhaps soon, I shall get the kids to put away their own laundry and M can start scrubbing his school shoes. 

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