Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy Bee

As I mentioned recently, Chip went through a recent phase of revisiting all the puzzles we have at home. He dug this out from the bookshelves a few weeks ago.

This is another of those books that E bought a while ago when the kids were nuts about ocean creatures. But it has been 'lost' amongst the hundred of books we have for a long time now. Out of my sight, hence out of my mind.

Besides some interesting facts about the not-so-common ocean creatures, there are five puzzles to work on. They are too simple for Chip to piece together now, but nonetheless enjoyable.
I got to remember to sort through all the books, toys and stuff that we have in a few months' time so that Baby O will not miss out any of these.

The busy bee focusing on his T-Rex scene after being inspired by a jig saw puzzle that he completed.
I am so glad that my boys have never once complained of boredom. There is always something that interests them and plenty to keep them engaged throughout the day.

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