Monday, October 3, 2011

On Home Decor and the Lack of it!

I can be a real procrastinator when it comes to making any decisions about home deco and furnishings. I simply can't make up my mind. Tsk Tsk.

This is an area in which I think both E and I lack talents. 

For instance, it took us nearly 6 months to upgrade M's cot bed into a child-size one because we couldn't agree on the bunk bed issue. 

I like the idea of stylish bunk beds made of quality wood for the boys which will help to free up precious real estate in their miserably tiny bedroom. 

But E couldn't be persuaded. He worries that M may fall off if he needs to get up in the middle of the night. Not that I have no concern for safety, but I think it is high time to trust the boy more. After all, nearly all my friends whose kids are same age as ours are sleeping in bunk beds and no one has reported any accidents. 

Anyway, the ding-dong went on for way too long. One day in late June, I gave in. We headed to Ikea and picked a single bed within 30 min. 


Ok, the cute white lambs is a saving grace..... but the room is as cramped as ever. Sigh. 

As a result of our inability to reach a compromise or convince each other enough to make progress, on several occasions, the hubby just headed out to make all the purchases within an hour of shopping. I haven't really stopped him either. Like the lights which he replaced recently in the bedrooms. 

Not exactly the kind of approach we should take since we both have very different tastes and ideas of how we want our home to look like. But I've given up, to a certain extent, for this home at least. We won't stay here that much longer. For our next home, I shall 'work harder' in this respect. 

Right now, there are other priorities. 


Dominique Goh said...

R and I also differ on how to decorate the kids rooms.. He cringes on the prices of the items.. normally I'll do the ground work and find out what are the options/prices then we will sit down and choose. Normally it ends up with me doing the purchase with his card.
You are moving house to a bigger place?

Domesticgoddess said...

In our case, it is not a budget issue but more because our tastes/ideas differ greatly. Usually, any compromise by either party means we ended up with a neutral option/look. Next time, I'll just hire an interior designer. :> We will have to move for sure, in the near future.


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