Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Outer Space: The Fascination Never Stops!

Little Chip has been so passionate about puzzles once again.

During the school holidays, he revisited most of the puzzle sets that we have, either on his own or in the company of an adult. 

Some days, he would complete a few sets that range from 40 to 150 pieces. 

Then one day, he decided to tackle this one that has 200 pieces, meant for age 8+.
After he completed it the first time in one sitting, he was really proud of himself. The sense of accomplishment must be pretty awesome! Frankly, even I was amazed at his determination and patience.
A few drawings from the last few months that reflected his intense interest on this topic.
The brothers examining a picture in one of the Tin Tin comics and discussing the contents.
Chip reproduced this drawing by copying the illustration. 


Riane said...

Hi Shirley

It's always very interesting to see how your kids are so motivated. I have been trying to engage Heidi in discussions, but usually her answer for me is "i don't know"..hmm..maybe it's the way i ask that she do not know how and what to answer. Any tips on this?

Regards, Ching Ling

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi Ching Ling, it is possible that she really doesn't know the answers to the questions, which is OK. At her age, always focus on inputting instead of testing her.

In class, she was taught to follow through the discussions and I focus more on teaching her to think and reflect. I also mentioned in details at the coaching bright minds workshop and lapbooking class you attended before. Do refer to the weekly brief and workshop notes. Keep at the method and training process and you will surely see changes.


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