Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New(ish) Reads

I am never a fan of comics, fantasy and science fiction books. Though I don't know any mums who grew up reading these either. I'm always under the impression that these books appeal more to boys. 

So without E, I doubt I would have introduced these genres to the boys. But boys are boys, and daddy should know what little boys like best. :> 

In the last few months, E added some new series to the kids' reading collection. The boys would beg him to read them every night. Though I think they are a little advanced for Chip to read on his own at the moment, he joins in the nightly reading and seems to understand and appreciate the content very well, especially judging from the kind of questions he asks. 

M, on the other hand, is fully capable of appreciating the books. If I allow him to (which I often don't), he can easily devour the entire book in a day. 



I have not read a page of these books before. Even though we have them lying around the house in the past few months, I still couldn't find the time (or motivation) to pick one up. I figured it isn't necessary for me to be familiar with them since the boys can easily discuss with E. I have enough on my plate. 


You see, without the dad, I would never have come across this series to even introduce to the boy. This Groo Maiden is really funny but somehow I find the content a tad unsuitable for my innocent boy. Especially with the R(A) illustrations that one can find on almost every page! He even pointed out the revealing outfits of the characters sometime.

While waiting at the OB clinic with me one afternoon last week, M was so engrossed reading his comic that he didn't realize we were surrounded by people. Suddenly, he commented loudly 'Mummy look at this! I can see her boobs and butt in this dress! Haha!'  

A few parents at the waiting area looked up from their magazines and glanced over at us. The woman next to him even peeped curiously into his book. Oops.


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh my, seeing this post makes me feel like I'll be a very inadequate mum if I ever have a son! Will have to tell the hubby to pull some weight then These are books that I'll totally not pick out! oops.

Domesticgoddess said...

Don't worry Corsage. I am sure you will figure it out when you have a boy. But yes, sharing the responsibility with the daddy is a good way to start. :>


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