Friday, August 26, 2011

Legitimate Reasons

On cravings and supper...

Hubby: "You have never sent me out to buy you any supper. You know how some husbands are sent out to buy food to satisfy the wives' cravings. For all 3 pregnancies actually."

Me: "Oh yah, that's true. See.. you are so lucky!"

Hubby: "What?! Nooooo! I am unlucky! I WANT to be sent out to buy supper."

Me: "Huh?"

Hubby (in a smaller voice and looking sheepish): "So I can also buy something for myself. I am deprived of such opportunities. And this is my last baby!"  

Wahahaha!!! That made me laugh so hard. 


On boobs....

"This is the only time when husbands can look at other women's breasts openly and not get scolded by the wives."

Joked the hubby who sat with me one night as I was reading a section on breastfeeding in the one and only pregnancy guide that I own. 

That funny man. 

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