Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pieces from Art Class


Marcus' recent pieces.

CIMG0334M's first attempt with charcoal.

CIMG0335 I am so impressed with this which is also his first attempt.

CIMG0336Love the colours of this piece. 

CIMG0337Notice the black lines? He was only given these lines and it was up to him to create a picture. He named this 'Ostrich lost in the city'. :P

CIMG0338Same as above. Only 2 triangles and a circle given.

CIMG0339Same as above. With only a rectangle and a triangle printed.

CIMG0345Was to draw only the Marina Bay Sands. He added the rest himself.

CIMG0344Another drawn with charcoal. The others in the class drew a vase of flowers. M insisted on added the fallen petals. :> 

CIMG0359 This panda made me laugh. So sad looking. 

CIMG0490 I was told M struggled with this 'scene in a mall' at first.  How odd! Maybe we haven't been to malls enough for him to visualize it. :D 

CIMG0492 Windmill. Though I must say I mistook it for lighthouse when I first saw it. 

The following are Chipsy's pieces. He only went thrice so far and these are just a selection of those he did.

CIMG0347 Marina Bay Sands. He added the bird, clouds and bird. 

CIMG0346 He had some free time (he had to wait for M to finish) and wanted to draw a dinosaur. 

CIMG0358 Another sad looking panda. I like the bamboo in the background. 

CIMG0361 A sad looking fish in the midnight zone of the ocean. 

CIMG0362 Learning to blend colours. He has plenty to learn here.


Joanie said...

Where is he attending art class? Very interesting works

Shenny's mommy said...

Really impressed with your sons drawings!

The Beauties In Our Lives said...

Excellent paintings by your boys! I am particularly impressed by Marcus' charcoal paintings and pastel oil paintings. Keep it up!

Domesticgoddess said...

Shenny's mom and Linette, thanks. My boys were beaming with pride when I showed them your comments.

Joanie, sorry I won't be able to reveal places where my boys are currently attending classes for privacy reasons.


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