Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baby #3: Waiting for Her

Every few days, Chip will ask 'how many more days before Baby O is out?' 

Amongst the males in the family, Chip is the one who talks about Baby O more often and seems more excited about seeing her. Even the dad doesn't mention or ask about the baby as much. Hmmph! I tell you, there is a remarkable difference in the way the dad reacts in all my pregnancies. 

With the #1, E would place his head on my belly to listen to baby, whisper to my tummy, and feel my bump and baby's kicks almost nightly. He even sang to baby in the final weeks. 

With #2, the dad was more relaxed already and repeated the above only more frequently in the final weeks. But whenever he heard me say 'baby's kicking', he would place his hands on my belly to 'connect' with baby for minutes each time.

Now for this #3, ahem....  let's just say that I hope he will be more interested when Baby O finally arrives. 

I find myself using this classic example recently whenever friends asked about E's level of excitement on Baby's arrival: 

when I exclaimed 'baby's kicking/moving', my hubby placed one hand on my belly, while the other hand was still holding on to the iPad so he can continue his reading/surfing. 20 seconds later, both hands were back on the iPad. 

Week 34: 
Baby O is now approx. 1.9kg. She is a little smaller than the boys were at this same time of gestation, but OB thinks it is no cause for concern and could be just genetic. Girls are usually smaller than boys in the same family, I was told. 

A few months ago, I was informed of the low-lying placenta. Thankfully, it doesn't present any problem now. Up till yesterday, I was still pondering over the possibility of a VBAC, especially since it didn't happen with #2. But after chatting with the OB, we've decided to take his advice and deliver via elective C-sect this time. Oh well, I've gotten over my desire to deliver naturally for once; after all, it is more paramount to opt for a method that is safest for both of us. 

This means, Baby O will be here in about 5 weeks!!  

Honestly, I am so NOT ready for her arrival! But the nesting instinct has kicked in, I think, as I have been fantasizing of clearing out every drawer lately. 

It's about time to get everything ready, especially now that we are so close to confirming her date of birth. (I always feel weird about being the one choosing the birth dates. But it has to be done.)


Kiasu Mom said...

I'm so excited for you. I think its nice to be able to choose a date so you can 'plan' properly. But a few days before the actual date, the anxiety will kick in.. all the best to you and baby O!

As for the daddy's reaction, you were so right. I have 2 kids and both reactions were exactly as you described. But when my 2nd one came out, my hubby really adores him. Can see him smiling even in his sleep.. hahaha

Domesticgoddess said...

Thanks Kiasu Mom. There are certainly advantages to be able to pick the date, especially when I have two older kids to settle. I am sure my hb will be besotted with the baby when she finally arrives. Most daddies are like this, as I've been told. :>


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