Monday, August 1, 2011


I was enjoying a lie-in with Chip a few nights ago. 

As I cuddled and kissed him a lot, and savouring our moments together, we also chatted about Baby O and how much I love the kids and being their mummy etc.. 

Me: Aww... you are so cute! Do you know that?

N: Um.. yes I know. 

Me: Aww...  will you always be so cute? I can't get over how cute you are!! (kissing his cheeks a few more times)

N: But I can't promise, mummy. When I grow up, I won't be cute anymore. That's why I don't want to grow up! (sulking a little and showing a sad face)

Me: That's not true. You will always be cute, even when you are older. Some people are still cute even when they are older, you know. See, is mummy cute? 

N: No, you are not cute. Not cute at all! I told you already. Only small children are cute. Adults are not cute. 

Wahahaha! I pretended to look hurt. Made no difference. 


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