Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby #3: Almost Week 32

My belly looks so much bigger this week. 

It also feels as if Baby O has suddenly grown a lot in the last few days. There is an increased level of pushing, kicking, punching and stretching and her movements are all so much more forceful in this past week. 

Most of her activities are only felt on my right and behind my belly button. Very often, I can see my belly changing shape because of her movements. She is probably running out of space. It is all so odd and exciting at the same time to be able to 'see' her moving! It never fails to make me smile. 

I can't sleep on my right anymore. Whenever I do, she will protest with a big kick that inevitably makes me turn to my left. Sleeping on my back is no longer comfortable after a few minutes too. 

Just the other day, I think I went a little overboard by walking a little too much (probably 3 km from home to school and back, then straight to supermarket and back, and continuing to school and back!) For a part of that distance, I also carried more groceries than I should. By the end of the day when I was ready to crash, I felt an incredible wave of tiredness. My poor legs and lower back really paid the price for the 'workout'. I ought to remember to slow down and take it a little easier now. 

On a more positive note, I've come to conclude that Baby O likes listening to me speak Mandarin!! Whenever I read Chinese books or speak Mandarin to the boys, she will respond with a big push or turn or some sort of unmistakable movements, perhaps as an expression of her approval. Haha!  She doesn't react in this way when I read English books or speak English. I first noticed this pattern of behaviour about a month ago, but I wasn't sure. Now that it has happened so consistently on daily basis, I am convinced. The boys have begun calling her the Chinese baby. :> 




Precious Memories said...

Yes! I was just thinking yesterday that your tummy looked much bigger compared to when I last saw you a few weeks back.

Domesticgoddess said...

Haha! Well, it must grow bigger since we last met a month ago. Perhaps the baby shower the night before had a role to play too. :P


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