Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bye. For Now.

Last weekend marked a (temporary) closure of a chapter and in a way, the beginning of a new phase. 

It was the last lesson for all my classes before I take my planned break. 

As we sang the goodbye song at the first class last Saturday, I surprised myself when tears began welling up in my eyes. I was so choked with emotions that I had to take a second to compose myself. 

Many of these kids have been with me for over a year. Having worked so closely with them and watched them progress in their learning journeys, it was harder to say goodbye than I had expected.

I hope they will continue to strive and whatever work I've done for them, with them, will make a positive difference in them. 

It had been a wonderful and rewarding learning experience for me as well. Not only had it enriched my life in many ways, it is humbling and inspiring to witness the dedication and devotion of some of my kids' parents. They made me strive to be a better mum. 

What was as unexpected and moving was the thoughtful gestures by some parents who showered me with tokens of appreciation. Thank you so much mummies for the chocolates, flowers, gifts for Baby O and homemade cards! I will treasure them. :> 

Until we meet again next year. 

(I know some of you will read this, do keep in touch!!) 


Riane said...

Dear Shirley,

forgot to bid byebye for the last lesson. Just wanted to say a lot of thanks for coaching Heidi, she really enjoys your lessons, and ask to come to your lesson daily. :D Hope to rejoin your classes again next year, meanhwhile do take care and have an enjoyable pregnancy.

Regards, Ching Ling

Domesticgoddess said...

Thanks for the feedback, Ching Ling. Do keep up with the coaching at home, especially with the tips and strategies you picked up at the Coaching Bright Minds Workshop yesterday. See you next year!


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