Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One Saturday

a few weeks ago.... 

10am. After a quick breakfast at home, E dropped off Chip at piano class while I took M to check out the new Taekwondo class. Stayed to watch him trying the routine and moves. Left halfway to pick up Chip. Brought Chip back to the Taekwondo class and waited till M finished his class. 

11.30am. Took boys to lunch. Then bus ride to Art class. Both boys joined the same class which took 1.5 hours. In the meantime, I relaxed at a cafe with a Marketing magazine and a cappuccino. 

3pm. Boys done with art class. A short bus ride home. 

3.30pm. Quick snacks for boys at home. All headed to pool for swim. 

5pm. Boys showered. We all took an hour nap.

6.30pm. Headed out to Millenia Walk for dinner with sis and her gals. 

10pm. Home. Got boys ready for bed. Potter around house.

11.30pm. Zzzz. Really tired by then. 


It has been quite a while since I last packed our Saturday with so many activities. 

In the last two years, I was usually busy with my classes on weekends. So normally there would be a few activities on one day of the weekend and the other day would be kept relatively easy and relaxing. Rarely was there a day with such back-to-back appointments. 

Luckily, we have lots of flexibility to schedule the kids' classes during the week instead of doing this every Saturday. The hardest part to me is not the commuting from one place to another, but sitting around for hours waiting for them to finish their enrichment. I got very restless after a while even though I was armed with reading materials and surrounded by cafes and shops. Ok, I am not the kind who likes window shopping, which I reckon a waste of my precious time. And there is only this much time I can spend on sipping coffees and savouring cakes. 

If I find it painful after just one weekend, I wonder how some of my friends do it. Especially those who have been spending almost their entire weekends, every week for years, ferrying and shuffling their kids to and fro as many as 8 enrichment classes. 

Um... my boys are not even doing that much. Just two classes a week! 


Dominique Goh said...

My kids only have 2 enrichment classes also and it's one on weekend and the other on weekday.. also wondering how the other mummies like M can bring the kids to so many classes throughout the week- *bows*

Domesticgoddess said...

It's the waiting that is hard. But I know some mummies seize those opportunities to go shopping, manicures and facials.


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