Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Latest Addiction

All thanks to my mum-in-law who was here visiting a few weeks ago. 

She started watching a few episodes of Dong Yi at my place after being introduced to the Korean drama at her sister's. Initially, only M watched with her while I caught the occasional segment of the slow-moving plot and long-winded conversations.

A week after she left, I did the rare thing of turning on the TV at 7pm one day and watched the whole episode with M. A few consecutive days of tuning in later and I am hooked! 

Now, I decline all dinner invitations and reschedule our evening routine just so I can put my legs up promptly at 7pm to follow the remaining episodes. Even my little boys are watching enthusiastically with me, though they don't understand the plot. 

They like this young Prince Yeoning character and would laugh out loud at all his antics and share his joys. To my little Chip, the drama is just full of good queens and bad queens, a king and a very clever prince whose mum he has nicknamed as 'Donkey'!  Haha.....  

I chanced upon this on Youtube recently and watched it twice while Chip was eating his snacks in front of me. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I went all 'awww ..... awww.... soooo cute... awww....' I probably also smiled a bit too much when I was watching it. 

Little Chip heard the music and asked curiously 'Mummy, is that Donkey? Are you watching the donkey with the king again?'  

Umm... I do feel like a silly 16 year old sometimes. But the boys know, since I admitted openly to them, that I like the story between the King and Dong Yi and that is really the reason I watch the drama. In fact, I am so addicted to the love story that I even looked up the facts and read the history and true story that inspired this drama. :D 

It's a shame that I missed so much of it. I am still contemplating the trip to the video store. 



Precious Memories said...

I caught bits and pieces of this show on TV too and thought the story is good, but the timing is not good for me, so I didn't get to watch it at all. Oh, nowadays, I am so afraid to get started on any Korean dramas cos I will just get so addicted to it. Hey, let me know if you do get to the video shop at all. :P

Precious Memories said...

By the way, if you have not watched it, Secret Garden is good. It is a romance comedy but made me weep buckets of tears too.

The Beauties In Our Lives said...

Oohhh, I can totally understand why you love romances in period dramas. For me, I am utterly ADDICTED to Victorian era romances, and had introduced my daughters to the breathtaking romances of Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice - the books and videos! They both dun get it at this age, and think all the Mr Darcys and Mr Rochesters (on videos) most ugly and old, of course, haha! I read and watch almost every night after they sleep - my form of escapism! Will be following up on a post about this :)And yes, perhaps I will give this Dong Yi a try too - so frightened I will be addicted though!

Domesticgoddess said...

Leng Leng, oh I'm only into period dramas actually and I am VERY picky about what I watch because of the lack of time. Most Korean dramas I chanced upon on TV have very 'young' and 'kiddish' characters, so I always feel like I am the wrong target audience! :P I just googled Secret Garden - seems to be like this too.

I will let u know if I get to the video store. I think Karen has a set at home. May borrow from her instead. :D

Domesticgoddess said...

Linette, haha... so you are another romantic gal at heart!!! Even at my age, I still think all those Mr Darcys and Mr Rochesters are so ugly and old. So I can totally understand why your princesses will think so. :> Now, Korean period dramas cast better looking men, though most are still a little too thin IMO.

I like Victorian era romances too, but haven't had the chance for eons to indulge in them. They sure can be a great form of escapism! Healthy dosage of fantasy keeps the heart young. :>

Go give Dong Yi a try and share your verdict after. :D

JJ Mummy said...

Haha.. I was hooked on this show too. I think I finished watching this whole show in 1 week :P Just couldn't stop watching once I get started!

Domesticgoddess said...

Wow JJ Mummy, that must be real hard work! :D I can't imagine watching 8 to 9 episodes a day!!


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