Monday, July 25, 2011

Swim Progress


Boys have been going to the pool a lot in the last few months. 

When I feel up to it, they get to go as often as thrice a week in the late afternoon hours after Chip returns from school. Usually E takes them twice in the weekend too. 

The kids have not had swimming lessons for 9 months, ever since our decision to discontinue with the last coach for the lack of serious progress.

Before we scouted for another one, E has taken upon himself to coach the boys more. Now, M can swim the length of the lap pool at one go and Chip can do half the distance. 

Last weekend, the boys started their first lesson with a new coach who makes frequent appearances at our pools. 45 min later, the coach commented that the boys have good basic skills and we just need to focus on strengthening their legs and kicking. Soon, they will be stronger swimmers. 

Though we are not the least bit interested in sending the kids for any swim tests in the near future, I reckon it is still helpful to know what to look out for. 

This time round, I intend to make my expectations on measurable progress known to the coach, especially since I will be available these few months to observe their weekend lessons. I have no qualms to be the pushy parent. 

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