Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not Just a Rice Bowl

In my circle of friends and acquaintances, there are many teachers. Some are still teaching, others have taken no-pay leave to care for their kids. 

Recently, a teacher complained of the never-ending workload and how her boss doesn't appreciate her effort. She remarked that she has learnt to just do the minimum in school and conserve her energy. So when she gets home, she can focus on teaching her own kids. Though she thinks she is underpaid for the kind of work she is doing, she likes the perks that comes with it (i.e. she can take unpaid leave for extended amount of time after childbirth), so in the near term, she won't quit. 

Frankly, no matter how often I have heard it (from many people), I'm still troubled and appalled by such comments. 

Regardless of the kind of jobs we do, there will always be moments when we feel we are overworked or we meet unappreciative bosses. If not, there will be other kinds of discouragement. So I can understand the human tendency to think of doing the minimum just to get by. 

But in some professions when our dedication and efforts will have a more direct impact on someone else's lives, it is unethical and irresponsible to think this way. Teaching is one such profession when one should always be dedicated regardless of the working conditions, after all, the children are dependent on the teaching efforts. 

Luckily, for every teacher who gives me this poor impression, I meet another few who come across as extremely dedicated. 

I remain hopeful that my children will meet responsible teachers who view their teaching role to be more than just a job to bring in the dough. 

But I also remind myself that we should not be depending solely on school teachers to coach our kids. After all, in most cases, we can't choose the teachers our kids get and like it or not, there are all kinds out there. 


Anonymous said...

I agree totally! Teachers should be dedicated and patient and not just going thru the motion. I stopped teaching partly because of that. Find that i cannot meet both expectations in sch and at home, rather unfair to my students.

BTW, enjoy ur last lap of pregnancy, not so much of enjoyment but the feeling w a babe in e tummy is still "aww.." :D

Hope to c u soon. Hopefully Gwen is ready for independent class next yr and i can bring her and my little boy. Take care!

Jeanneie ( Gwen's mummy if you remember me :P)

Domesticgoddess said...

Thanks Jeannie, of course I remember you. I remember every parent/child. :>

Agree with you, which is why I think those teachers who are dedicated despite the workload are even more admirable. The fact you considered your students show you were a responsible teacher. :>

Unfortunately there will always be teachers who are simply going through the motion.


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