Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Perennial Favourite

Sentosa's Palawan Beach.

For hours of sand and water play.

Before heading to Vivo City for more play and lunch. 

Photos taken in April 2011.

Despite the wide array of shops available, we almost never shop at Vivo. Once in a while, I would be tempted to browse, but the crowds inevitably put me off. We usually prefer to spend time at the restaurants before heading home for a swim. 

We were back at Sentosa-Vivo today. Though the kids had so much fun, I am getting bored of our perennial favourite destination. It's time to convince E to be more adventurous and check out the other beaches.

Once in a while, I will entertain the thoughts of driving. Though both E and I can drive, we HATE driving and have zero interest in (owning/driving/maintaining) cars. But with #3 on the way, it will definitely make a difference if I can just whisk all kids and our barang barang into the vehicle. Perhaps we will be more willing to explore. 

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