Friday, June 3, 2011

Goggles and Squiddy

He greeted me in school one day with this pair which made me laugh out loud. Very cute! :> 

Unfortunately, his only effort was in the colouring/decorating. That is so typical of school crafts. The teachers are too involved in the final artwork. I like it better when the kids' creations are entirely their own. Anyway...... 

And here he is! 

Everyone, please meet our latest addition - Squiddy, who hails all the way from Las Vegas. 

E bought it at the Shark Reef Aquarium when he was in Las Vegas for a business trip in April. Chip was so into ocean creatures at that time, especially sharks and cephalapods. So this orangey, alien-looking toy seemed like an apt souvenir. :> 

My first reaction upon seeing it was 'yikes, it's so ugly!'. After weeks of watching my baby cuddling and kissing it everyday, I still don't see the charm in it. But the baby loves it and that is all that matters. 

His Squiddy inspired drawings. 

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