Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby #3: Pregnancy Week 24

Went for my routine ultrasound a few days ago. Unfortunately, my OB still couldn't take a better picture of Baby O. 

The good news is she weighs 650g, a very good weight as I was told, and measures 16cm from top of head to butt. My weight gain so far is 4.3kg. 

Very pleased. 

Though I first felt the 'bubbling' sensations during Week 17 (it was Week 22 for #1 and Week 20 for #2), there were days when I hardly felt any movements from her. Not sure why, but I read that it is perfectly normal. 

Usually, she would start a party inside me just when I was winding down for bed. Recently, it seems she is most active when I'm eating. Usually it only takes a few mouthfuls before she begins her little rituals of reminding me of her existence. How does she know? The food won't have reached her so quickly.

In the last 3 weeks, I also feel her movements more whenever I read to the boys. Sometimes, she would get really active the moment I began reading. It is almost like she heard and was signaling her approval. Haha! 

On most days, I don't have any form of discomfort, except when I forget and bend over, like when I mop the floor. That gives me a numbing sensation at parts of the belly and sometimes it can be really uncomfortable. Now, I am also beginning to feel occasional lower backache if I walk too much in a day and a very 'square' butt and sore coccyx if I sit for too long. I blame my flat butt for the latter - there just isn't enough flesh to provide any cushioning! 

When I first realized I was expecting again, I considered making a quick weekly blog post to jot little details of this pregnancy, which could very well be my last. 

And to take a weekly shot of my bump. Maybe even to get some professional photos taken of my boys hugging me and my bump. Cliche, I know. But still I'm convinced that I will be appreciative of them years later when I am old and the kids have left their nest. 

Well, I've done none of these, so far. 

I was too busy working when pregnant with #1. With #2, I was too busy looking after the kids and getting housework done to realize the weeks were slipping by. This time round, I am still too busy with the household, working and looking after the kids. 

I don't think I will do any weekly update anymore since I haven't done it so far. Most of the time, I don't even think of the pregnancy until she kicks me or I have any form of discomfort. There really isn't much to write about on a week-to-week basis. 

But I better start thinking about the professional photo shoot if I want to get it done. Or at least take a weekly side profile of the bump. Clothed at least. 

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