Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sharks Obsession

I can't even remember what sparked Chip's intense interest recently about sharks and marine animals. Maybe it was the documentary he watched with E. 

Not a day went by without him mentioning something about sharks. I am so amazed by his ability to recall so many new facts about sharks. He definitely knows more about the topic now than I do! 

Couldn't resist taking these two photos of him and his homemade puzzle. :>

Trying to look like a menace! Haha.. 

Way cool! 


Alice Law said...

Hey, Chip can gang with my boy, my boy is crazy about shark too, he only knows some of the basic species like bull shark, sand tiger, whale shark but hey... it's the possession and interest tht makes thm friend right!^^

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi Alice, oh they will definitely be great friends if they could meet! I can already imagine Chip discussing in details and showing his pictures and books to your boy. He loves talking about sharks now. :>


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