Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Standing Up For Himself

I like it that my little boy is no pushover. 

My 3y.o. looked at this photo earlier and remarked, 'I am very angry with that girl because she would not let me push that in the Paragon playground'. 

I am surprised that he remembers since that happened 2 months ago. 

He wanted to turn the 'barrel'. She didn't want it to move. 

He kept telling her 'take your hands away, I want to move this', 'can I move this please?', 'I just want to turn this barrel to make the spaceship move' etc...  she simply refused. 

She didn't even utter a word throughout

Then she let out several loud shrieks! One after another. They were all incredibly high-pitched and went on for several seconds each. 

Unfazed, he told her calmly, 'It is not nice to scream. You talk. No screaming!' But the screaming continued. 

I didn't intervene straightaway, so as to give him the opportunity to handle the conflict himself. But I was less than a metre away anyway, watching them like a hawk, in case she were to hit or bite him. 

Fortunately, none of those happened. Instead, every time he said something to her, she just screamed. It was kind of tense for me back then, but now on hindsight, it's quite comical. Imagine a grown-up man trying to reason with his girlfriend and all she does is scream instead of reasoning with him? Hah!  :P

At one point, that poor little boy turned to face me, looking exasperated and a little affected by her screaming (I remember his lips were curled downwards). 'She is not listening to me, Mummy. She just screams so much! She doesn't talk. Only scream and scream!' he whispered. 

But still, he stood his ground and stared at her for the remaining time... 


finally, the gal's mum marched over and removed the screamer. 

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