Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Learning and Growing With Friends

The foursome and their super-noisy little chat at McDonalds while waiting for snacks to arrive. 

I am always tickled watching my boys with their friends. 

The kids have come a long way... since the first playgroup when M was just 15 months old.

Though M and E's weekly playgroup was discontinued when the kids started nursery in 2007, we (E's mum and I) resumed a similar gathering for the younger siblings a year later. 

The older kids were reacquainted in April 2009 when I started the lapbooking classes and have been in the same class since. Nine months and six lapbooks later, they have acquired the habit of starting a discussion and carrying on their knowledge exchanges with each other whenever they meet (discussion units are part of our weekly lessons, so they have plenty of practice!). 

Very recently, I have initiated a weekly Chinese session for both pairs of siblings. It still has a long way to go, but with some perseverance, I am sure our efforts will pay off. 

Learning and growing together with friends is simply precious. It is the kind of memories I still cherish of my childhood. One day, I hope, when my boys read this blog, they will remember these moments and treasure the memories, as I did. 

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Handydog said...

Same feeling... it's a joy to watch them interacting. I guess having to know wonderful and supportive friend like u makes it more memorable for me, as I grow as a mother and mentor. Yes, we shall persevere!


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