Monday, January 11, 2010

Going Green

Photo by: Michelle Meiklejohn

As much I enjoy my juicy steaks and savoury meat dishes, I can hardly call myself a meat-lover.

Over the years, I realize that I have an inner 'alarm clock' that emits strong signals whenever my diet lacks an assortment of colorful vegetables and fruits. 

All it takes is a few days of not munching enough of these food rich in anti-oxidants and I will feel queasy and uncomfortable. 

It is a welcoming craving which often urges me to seek out the freshest of nature's goodness. If I pay attention to what my body is telling me, I would order the greenest salad on the menu and fill my supermarket basket with the freshest, unprocessed nature's produce of rainbow colors. 

But I don't always do that. Not last year anyway. 

Now, that has to change. 

One of my resolutions this year is to go greener. On our diet at least. I plan to incorporate three vegetarian dinners per week and to make sure that the family finishes a whole basket of fruits in the same period. 

The kids will have no problem with vegetarian dinners, but I am not sure if I will get unanimous vote on this decision. (Yah, I didn't discuss nor consult before making up my mind on this one because I know the answers already!) :P  But hey, there will still be 4 more non-vegetarian dinners in a week....  *.*

As for the fruit basket, I face some challenges too since everyone in the family, except me, is picky about the kind of fruits they eat. 

My 5 y.o. eats only apples, pears, bananas, grapes and avocadoes. My youngest will happily chomp down a giant avocado daily, throughout the year, and perhaps one or two bananas a week. But other than that, I get a 'no-thanks Mummy' reaction. The husband has very specific preferences and if, offered anything else, he will usually murmur a super polite line in the likes of 'oh I ate that in the office today!'. 

Hmm.. it can get real boring buying the same fruits when the supermarket aisles and shelves are often filled with many, many other choices which my boys won't touch.

But I have decided that it is still worth a try. I shall go ahead and buy a basketful of fruits this week and hope that I can tempt someone, anyone to be more adventurous. 

And if I fail, well, at least I will be eating more fruits than I should. But that shouldn't hurt either. 

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