Friday, January 8, 2010

Crazy Rhyming

In the past few days, my 3 y.o. has been reading Dr. Seuss, specifically Hop on Pop with me. 

The funny rhyming style must have inspired him somewhat as he makes up crazy rhymes all day long while playing.

I overheard him making this hilarious one up while he was on the toilet seat... 

Fudge on butt
Butt on tart
Fudge parks
Butt farts
Fudge on fuzzy butt

Heehee... I made him repeat it so that I could type it out. :) 

And he just made up these ones while I was typing this post.

Hot pop
Pop is on a pup

Toy points
Toy is on a point

Mr Fuzzy and Mr Garby (I spelt 'Garby' based on how he pronounced the name)
Mr Fuzzy has a baby. 

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