Wednesday, December 30, 2009

School Holidays Roundup 2009

As usual, the boys' school holiday is filled with plenty of indoor and outdoor play.

On days when we were not out and about, they played at home from morning to night. Never bored, never out of ideas of what to do. They are incredibly imaginative, more so than I ever was at that age.

They moved around some furniture and with the help of some lids and boxes, transformed a corner of the living room into their spaceship and ventured into space.

They made a tent on one of their beds with their blankets and pillows and hid inside with a torchlight. I could hear them pretending to be hiding from monsters and witches and their discussion of their escape plans.

They had their fair share of quiet playing time, either alongside or collaboratively.

They did their usual drawing and crafts and reading. And we did an average of 3 hours of lapbooking-related activities a week, mostly in periods of 30 to 45 minutes each time.

Though it wasn't the plan, the kids spent a tad too much time in indoor playgrounds - such as the Fidgets, Atlantic City, JWT, Forum Hip Kids Zone and Safra - up to 4 times a week in some weeks. That's a whopping 8 hrs of tumbling, running and climbing on those padded grounds.

(Above: at Fidgets)

So to make up for it all, we headed to Phuket for a 8 days trip and got back on the 28th! 

Not bad to balance it all up with plenty of Sun, Sand, Sea and Spa! Ok, the spa was for me. But the boys still had fun with the first 3 S's. More on the trip here

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