Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This Is Our World - in Young Parents magazine

Our World. My World. has made it to the newstands!   *big grin* 

A big 'Hi' to you if this is the first time you are coming to this blog. 

Thank you so much to those who have emailed me through The Tots University. I am so touched by your generous and encouraging comments. 

This is indeed a beautiful Christmas present for the family and we are grateful for it. 

It all got started when Tracy, a writer with the Young Parents magazine, interviewed me in September about my blogs and my views as a parent on education and teaching kids. Throughout the process, Tracy was very kind and pleasant and I am very appreciative of her positive take on my blogs. 

So if you like to read about it, the article is in the Young Parents January 2010 issue, pages 50 to 54. 

The interview itself was pretty straightforward and routine and it didn't involve the kids. So we were all looking forward to the photo-shoot, which came complete with a makeup artist, hairstylist and fancy wardrobe. 

Overall, it was a fun experience for all of us.

The kids were dressed in really cute little Gap outfits. We were a little concerned at first that they would be fussy about what they had to wear, but as it turned out, they were happy to put on what they were provided.

But instead, they were a wee bit hassled with the attention paid to their hair, especially Marcus, who kept tugging and rubbing his head of lightly (and beautifully) gelled hair and grumbling that he didn't like his hair like this. But I love it - I thought he looked so adorable with his hair done that way. 

Chipsy, on the other hand, was so comfortable with the fussing over him and was making lots of faces and roaring at everyone, in his small attempts to impress those around. 

This was what I was dressed in - a gorgeous skirt that sweeps the floor paired with a beautiful red blouse. Luckily I wore my 3 inches heel that day. 

Here I was trying to cheer Marcus up and telling him how charming his hair was. 

They took lots of photos of us in the brief span of time, all the while experimenting to find the 'right' look. 

First, I was there with my hair down and no accessories, other than my own pearl earrings. 

Then it was decided that I needed to be dressed up a bit with more accessories. 

A few more shots and they thought my hair should be tied up. 

When they thought that the mummy finally looks about right, the kids decided they didn't want to cooperate anymore. Oops... 

Fortunately, the professionals in the room were really good with the boys. They cajoled them for a roar, a smile and some cheeky gestures and the kiddos went along. 

I saw some really pretty photos taken of us all but it is a pity that we could not have any copies of them. All these photos in this post were taken by E who accompanied us. 

Well, it was a fantastic experience on the whole for the family. The boys were quite amused to see their photos in the magazine today. This will be a fabulous keepsake. 

So thank you to the Young Parents team. :> 


Tammy said...

Wow congratulations on being featured in the YP mag!

The photos are so pretty! I would love to read about it.

I chanced upon your blog a few months ago and have been reading it everyday. I have been wanting to say hi, but wasn't able to comment before as I didn't have an Open ID.

Your posts are so often so inspiring and makes me want to be a better mum. I have picked up so many tips on how to nurture my kids. Thanks a lot for your generous sharing and showing parents like me that motherhood can be so much more meaningful.

Dominique said...

Congrads on being featured in YP mag :) can't wait to read what they have wrote about in the article. will you be publishing it here on this blog?

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi Tammy

It is always nice to know who my readers are. Thanks for your encouraging comments. I am happy to know that you have found what I wrote useful. :>

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi Dominique

Thanks! I may scan a copy and publish it here in February. So the overseas friends and readers can read about it too.

Hope you have a wonderful break so far. Sorry we didn't manage to catch up as we just got back from our vacation.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you look gorgeous! Can;t wait to get a copy for read from the newsstand. What a wonderful keepsake :)

Domesticgoddess said...

Thanks Vegepiglet! It is a fabulous Christmas present from YP. We are very, very pleased with it. :>

Happy New Year to you, your hubby and Elaine too. I hope to see you gals real soon.

DeliaM said...

Hi Domesticgoddess, congratulations! I read the article earlier and I think the writer did a very nice description of your blog. More people should know about what you share. Keep it up!

What you have written in your blog has changed my views about nurturing our kids (by the way, my boy is also called Marcus) and inspired me to start my own blog! Thank you and best wishes for the new year to you and your lovely family.

Sarah said...

Hey DG, I share your joy about this lovely pressie. Nice photo there and what a pretty skirt. Where is it from? Too bad I can't read the article here. PLEASE SCAN!!

May 2010 be an even better year for you and your boys!

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi DeliaM, thanks for your kind comments. I appreciate your encouragement. :)

I rarely come across another boy in Singapore by the name Marcus. :> How old is your Marcus?

And a very happy new year to your family too.

Domesticgoddess said...

Thanks Sarah! Haha! I could almost 'see' the smile on your face. I will scan the article in Feb. So do look out for it. Happy New Year gal! *hugs*

QQ said...

Hey, congrats there. I am a huge fan of your blog. Actually I almost never read blogs until I chanced upon yours via a mum's recommendation at a forum. Love what you write.

PS: I am glad you have allowed us (those w/o) Google account or Open ID to comment now. Many times before I wanted to comment but can't!

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi QQ, thanks!

I can understand what you mean about the previous comments settings of this blog.

You are still welcome to comment now on the old articles! In fact, some readers have just done that! :>

Happy New Year to you! Hope to hear from you more in the new year.

Mamajolin said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing and congrats! I chanced upon your blog when I was searching for bentos ideas. But was so pleasantly surprised to find much much more! your blog has become my daily morning read when I sip my coffee. :D

KoLe said...

Congratulations! Can't wait for you to upload the article.
And you look stunning, as usual.
(love the outfit!)

Jessie said...

Oh you looked lovely in those photos! can't wait for you to upload the article. Keep writing this wonderful blog!


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