Thursday, November 13, 2008

More drawings

Here are some of M's masterpieces drawn very recently. Again, it is just a small selection of our seriously going-out-of-hand pile.

He still draws lots of vehicles, especially buses and trucks, but more recently, he is concentrating on drawing monster trucks, like this one below.

He was given a ball stencil by a girl in his art class. The moment he laid eyes on it, he looked sweetly at me and said he can now draw special wheels for his monster trucks! Haha! A classic case of selective perception. 

I believe the next drawing is of a police bus of some sort. He loves to adorn his drawing with writings all over. Sometimes they are legible English words/sentences, other times, they look more like words he made up which have his intended meanings (usually some special names for his vehicles that can perform special functions). 

Below is the front view of 3 buses. Cute faces. He got inspired after watching Bob the Builder on a free preview channel.

A bus "beeping" at the bus stop. :)

I love the details on this truck. Note the name he made up for the truck - Cokktockiltiltke Truck! He gave up on the colouring halfway through. 

He often behaves like an artist with a sudden burst of inspiration. He may be walking towards his room for a nap when he decides to walk back to the drawing desk to draw one last picture because he "just have to draw it". 

On the way home from school, he often tells me "Mama, when I get home, I will wash my hands and face, change my clothes and then I want to draw you a bus/truck/taxi". And he does. He draws while I make lunch and after his lunch, he draws more. 

He gets really emotional when Chipsy spoils his drawings, either by scribbling on the paper, intentionally or not, or by crushing it like a wastepaper. 

He cried big fat tears once when he made me so mad that I tore a drawing he made in half in front of him. I felt so guilty after that and I still do whenever I think of it. It was a rather detailed drawing of vehicles, trees and buildings and he spent time colouring it. But just at the last moment, he suddenly decided to scribble in lots of what I thought were really "ugly clouds" that spoilt the drawing. Instead of looking like clouds, they were mostly "spirals" and that perfectionistic streak in me surfaced instantly and I just lost control and became a monster mum. 

Well, there is no excuse for my bad behaviour but I did think that it being day 10 of a stressful and tiring 2-weeks period, made me far more irritable than I want to admit. The "spiral looking clouds" was the catalyst for my adult version of a monstrous display of emotions. 

Anyway, after the tears were wiped away and I cooled down, I profusely apologised for what I did and I can only hope that I didn't crush something beautiful within his delicate soul and scar him for life. I promise him and myself that I will never do this again. It is unforgivable. 

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