Thursday, October 9, 2008

Piano lesson

Some time ago, I asked M if he would be keen on some music or piano lessons and his swift reply was 'no' and returned to his playing. So I left it as it was and didn't mentioned it again till probably 2 months ago. He then replied that 'yes, but I only want it if there is no teacher'. So again, I didn't bother. I just don't believe in forcing my children to take on activities or classes which they aren't keen on, be it reading, writing, drawing or playing. And that has always been my parenting style. Instead, E and I just focus on whatever that they are most keen on and optimize their learning by making material/resources easily available. 

So when M was keen on Lego, we bought him everything he wants and spent the time to play with him and allow him to play with Lego for as long as he wanted. The same with books and reading. When he was very into Dr Seuss, we bought him a selection. It was the same with Eric Carle, Richard Scarry, Thomas Tank Engine etc.. Now he can read almost every book we bought him, all on his own! 

Two nights ago, E said he is pleasantly surprised that M is so fond of his art class and perhaps we should send him to piano class now. I chatted with the boy the next day and he confirmed his interest to give it a try. No persuasion required, only a brief 5 minutes chat! So I started looking around again these 2 days and decided on the place to send him. 

E thinks I should be the one to accompany and sit with him in the lessons since he tends to be more attentive when I am around. From past experience, he always seemed to fuss and be less co-operative during enrichment classes when daddy accompanied him. 

To me, the challenge is not the accompanying part, but the daily home practices that he should have, which I dread. Already, I am dreading fitting the daily practice into our routine and worse still, I gotta be the one to be practising with him. Well, if he likes it enough, mummy will do anything to keep him happy.

I am psyching myself up now for the whole new skill that I shall be learning alongside with him. After all, this is a bit of a dream coming true for me, albeit a wee bit late. When I was a little girl, I used to be so envious of my classmates whose parents could afford to send them for ballet, painting and piano classes. I had none of these though I was so eager to learn. So it won't be a bad deal for me now if I could play the piano in a couple of months. Haha! But definitely no ballet classes for the boys.

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