Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I made these a couple of weeks back for the first time since I have kids. Before, I was always very careful about cooking too much deep fried food at home in case the kids want to eat them too. Recently, out of the blue, I decided to make this again and Marcus loves it! 

My mum used to make them on special occasions and holidays. We didn't know the fancy name of tonkatsu back then, and my siblings always call it 'mum's pork chop'. She is real proud that she can make a mean 'pork chop' which the kids raved about to everyone we know. So when I started dating (ahem, my ex-boyfriends), I learnt the recipe from her and every guy whom I deemed special enough got to taste this special dish of love. So anyway, recently, I made a batch for my special 3 boys at home. 

1. Marinate pork loin or lean pork (I used pork fillet in this instance, quantity really depends on how much you want to serve and how many pax you are feeding) with oyster sauce, soy sauce and pepper (optional). Set aside in fridge for at least an hr. 
2. Coat the meat with plain flour, shake off any excess, then next coat with egg, followed by bread crumbs. You can also use crushed Jacobs biscuit which was what my mum used. For speed, I just used breadcrumbs but the taste is better with the biscuit coating. 
3. Fry in hot oil for 2 minutes, flip over and fry for another 2 minutes. 
4. Place on kitchen towel for oil to be absorbed. Can serve as a big piece or cut into bite-sized pieces. 

I cut it into long strips and served the kids with steamed rice and some other stir-fried vegetables. It is also great with Japanese curry sauce (which is super easy to make if you get one of those packs from supermarket). E made this before into Katsu-don and it was a huge success. The tonkatsu got to be the star of the dish and there is an additional step to making the katsu-don but that is a recipe for another day. 

I forgot to take photos of my tonkatsu when I made it, but I will be making it again, real soon, to include into Marcus' bento. If time permits, I will do the katsu-don as well. So watch this space for photos. 


chris said...

I'll try it one of these days, thanks for posting! BTW, how much oil is needed to deep-fry? (I've never done deep-frying before.) Also, when you are free, could you post a recipe for those japanese curries you mentioned? I've seen those packs in supermarkets but never got round to trying it either. Any fave brands? TIA! :)


Domestic Goddess said...

Hi Chris, I don't use much oil and didn't measure so it is hard to tell you. But just enough to cover the meat. I don't deep fry either, and this is really more like shallow frying. I don't have a recipe for the japanese curries as the few times we made it, we just followed the pack instructions. No fave brands, but you can buy one to try from Mediya or Isetan. Great selection there. I don't give the jap curries to the kids anyway as there are too many preservatives and addictives, so it is not a healthy food to begin with. Not that tonkatsu is that much healthier anyway! LOL!


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