Friday, October 10, 2008

Nicholas is 2!

I looked at my beautiful son today with such pride and love. He turns 2 today. Wow! I silently congratulated myself as I tried to remember all the important and meaningful moments of the past 2 years we were together. 

There is something so innocent and angelic about my baby and very, very soon, he will slip out of his babyhood and become a boy! I felt a little sadness that time is passing too fast and he is growing up too fast in front of my eyes, as I know how much I shall miss all his babyishness. But yet, I am also so excited that he will be developing in so many fascinating ways and I just can't wait to share the world with him and enjoy more experiences together. 

Happy birthday, my darling Nicholas! 

Since his birthday party will be on Sunday, we decided to take the boys out for some big fun. So E came back early from work and we headed to ExplorerKids for some huge workout. It was indeed a big workout for me! Boy, was I tired after that session. After following Marcus for 45 min, I commented to Marcus that I was tired, to which my sweet little boy said 'Mummy you can rest here (motioning to some step), ok? I am not tired so I will come back and get you later. In a minute, ok?' and dashed off! 

There was no chance to take any photos at any other parts of Explorerkids as the boys just wouldn't stop dashing around. So these were the only photos we have of them there. As usual!

Then we headed back for presents opening but Chipsy just wasn't keen to open any presents so we decided to let him have 2 of them first -  a Megablok school bus which he absolutely adores and ....

... the 'Piglet's Big Movie' VCD which E got. The latter came with an Audio CD and a book. The boys have never seen Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and gang on TV before so they were so curious. Eyes glued on TV throughout the film. Well, Chipsy loves Piglet so I made a concession here, otherwise I am really not keen to expand our VCD/DVD collection for the kids. 

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