Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yet another busy week

Sometimes I can't believe how fast a week just fly by and it's weekend again. Right after we got back from the holiday on Monday afternoon, I have been just busy and super busy. 

The rest of Monday was spent tidying and unpacking, loads and more loads of laundry and getting the house ready for the next few days while hubby goes on business trip. 

Woke at 630am on Tuesday to get myself ready for the day and take Marcus to school with Chipsy in tow. E had to leave for early meeting that morning. It was non-stop for me till past 10pm when he got back from work dinner.

He left for KL on Wed 7am and only got back on Fri noon. So it was only me and my babies as we got on with our daily routine. The heavy rain on Wed and Fri kept us in for big part of the day, otherwise we would probably be out and about doing more stuff. In a way, it is easier for me, as the boys get to play at home while I catch up with household chores. Another busy, but fulfilling week. I never managed to complete all the items on my To Do list (but it is very typical for me as I am a Type A personality, which means I tend to include way too many items in my list in the first place). There just isn't enough time! 

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