Friday, September 26, 2008

His recent creations

Lots of drawings of triple decker buses. His invention and latest favourite like I mentioned in my earlier post.

If he isn't happy with parts of the drawings, he couldn't be bothered to add the wheels before moving on to draw another. So some of these vehicles have no wheels or are incomplete in some ways. But I still like them as they are unique in some ways upon closer examination.

I simply love the windows and doors of this triple decker bus above. It is supposed to be fairly long, hence also a bendy bus. So we've got a triple decker bendy bus! :)

More triple decker buses below. Each with unique features somewhere.

Above is a very funny drawing. A triple decker bus that can fly because it has wheels outside the top deck too. I can't understand how it works, but he is so convincing as he explains. I just didn't get it! Apparently, the wheels are magical and can prevent the bus from crashing.

A rather carefully drawn triple decker for me! I asked him to make it colourful so he added some blue but gave up shortly after. He definitely prefers drawing to colouring. 

Above is a triple decker taxi. 

Another triple decker bus that is not rectangular shape.

One for grandpa. Full of intricate details.

Another of those special crash-proof triple decker bus with wheels outside top deck. 

Cute sun shining brightly on the cute bus! 

For a week, he was crazy about endorsing all his trucks with Eddie Stobart. An author of one of the truck books he borrowed from the library apparently. 

He drew the next 2 in school. 

A special container truck that carries unusual containers. 

Above is a vehicle carrier. Look at the details of the smaller cars.

Some days, he can spent 3 to 4 hours just drawing all these vehicles. On a productive day, he hands over at least 12 drawings for our keepsake. 

See here for what he drew a year ago and how his drawings have evolved over the past 12 months. 

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