Saturday, September 27, 2008

Daily routine with a 4y.o and 2y.o.

So many friends have asked me how I cope on a daily basis and what is our routine like, if we even have one. Well, here is the belated reply. :) 

7am - 8am : Hubby and I wake, usually by Chipsy. One starts getting ready, the other gets the kids ready. Hubby takes Marcus to school at 8am before he goes to office, unless he is away or has to leave early for work. 

8am - 11am: My time to hang out with Chipsy. We stay in to play, go playground, grocery shopping, run errands or just head out to wherever. Once a week, I also prepare a bento for Marcus by 11am. 

11am - 1pm: Fetch Marcus from school with Chipsy, head back to make lunch while kids play. We eat lunch together and some playing/bonding after. Then I get Chipsy (and sometimes Marcus too, depending how tired he feels) to nap. 

1pm - 3pm: I do bits of housework if both kids are napping. Or I play/chat/bond with Marcus if he is awake and get some light chores done concurrently. 

3pm - 5pm: Boys play together while I get some housework done. I usually do some chores and head back to play/interact with them for a while, before leaving them to play on their own again. Depending on the plan for our evening activities, I may bathe them or start preparing dinner at around 4-5pm.

5pm - 630pm: We head out to playground or stroll or just stay in for more play while I get dinner ready.

630pm - 830pm: Hubby returns. Family eats dinner and boys bond with daddy while I get bits and pieces done before boys' bedtime. If Marcus has no nap, he goes to bed at 7pm. 

830pm: Boys in bed. I get remaining work done and spend time with hubby or we get on with our own hobbies till our bedtime. 

This is a fairly typical weekday. Weekends are very different. 

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