Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Teddy bear and star for lunch

After my post office visit which took longer than expected, I had to scramble to put together a lunch for the boys in 5 min. They were already throwing small tantrums at the post office and on the way home announcing loudly to passers-by that they are so hungry. On the way home, my 4yo pulled my skirt and begged me to buy him doughnuts, cakes, moon cakes, egg tarts, ham and pies and a million other food that he spotted as we walked past the stores. So I had to bribe him with Meiji plain crackers and once we reached home, I abandoned my cooking plans and ransacked my fridge for the fastest lunch that I could come up with. 

The result? I served my 4yo a star shaped sandwich made with toasted 12 grain bread, smoked ham, cheddar cheese and an egg which I microwaved, so it looks like it is sunny side up, but not fried. On top of the sandwich was a slice of teddy bear shaped ham and more star and teddy shaped cheddar on the side. He dropped his colour pencils immediately (he was drawing a truck for me) and demanded that I put the plate down so he could eat! 

Before I could take any photos of the lunch, he took a huge bite of his star sandwich and was chewing the head of the teddy with a cheeky smile, while dangling the teddy's body. The whole time, he nodded with satisfaction and announced loudly after he swallowed his mouthful that he luuuurvves his lunch very much.

My 2yo though, laughed when he saw the teddy bear shapes, but only wanted to hold the bear and not eat it. After some coaxing, he ate one teddy bear sandwich of ham and spat out the cheese. He then looked at me with the sweetest face and asked to eat 'tato'. He wanted potato. I gave in and baked him a sweet potato in the end. 

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