Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rhythm in Me

After some hesitation, I finally took Chipsy to Rhythm in Me for a trial of their Mini-Movers 3 class on Monday. $35 for 45 min, out of which 15 min was free play. My verdict: It was crap!

The brochure was very well-written but I just don't think the delivery was up to standard. The venue at GWC is brand new and very prettily decorated with lots of different instruments. Think Kindermusik but a funkier version. I like it but I am not convinced that it is worth that price. In that 30 min with the teachers, they basically played a few pieces with the drum and keyboard while welcoming the kids and adults. This was followed by some funkier and more modern music and dance steps while encouraging the kids to groovy with them. Then it was instruments time, so the kids spent some time with the drum and tambourine, before more music and movement with the pom poms and winding down with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

I believe one of the teachers is actually the owner of that place and while she looks like she knows how to play the keyboard and drums, she just didn't measure up to my expectations in that one session. Well, some parents may think I am too critical to judge based on just a mere 30 min interaction, but I think at this price that we pay for such enrichment, every lesson counts and there better be some content and quality delivery at each and every lesson.

The little tot has not attended as many enrichment classes or even trials as his older bro' when he was this age. The only reason is that from my experience at those classes, I felt that most of them are just overhyped with poor content and/or delivery. Poshie attended classes or trials at Julia Gabriels, Kindermusik, Babies n Cream, Growing Up Gifted and Shichida before and I just think the first 3 aren't as good as they are reputed to be. After scouting around for a while, I still can't find something that is quality enrichment in my opinion, which I can't replicate at home.

Perhaps I will consider taking Chipsy back to GUG for another trial soon since I do think they have a wonderful program content-wise. He went there once for a trial a few months back but I felt he wasn't ready so I didn't sign up. I am not sure if I want to go through Shichida again, simply because of the sheer amount of commitment, time and effort wise required of me. But I feel guilty not to take him in for at least a term, like his older bro' did. After all, it is a high quality brain training program and I believe in its merits.

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