Friday, September 19, 2008

Midnight cravings

It is past midnight and I am busy packing for our trip. After doing 4 loads of washing and tons of housework today, I am really, really beat now. But that doesn't stop me from my midnight cravings for supper. I want satays with lots of peanut gravy but I won't be bothered enough to leave home and buy it. Fortunately (or unfortunately for my figure), my loving husband decided that he is on holiday already, so he very gladly paused his Nintendo games and got dressed speedily and headed out to buy me those sticks of meat. How nice is that!

Sometimes I am grateful that I am not married to a man who is forever on diet or very conscious of his food, or worse still, someone who doesn't enjoy eating as much as I do. Mine loves food, especially very good food and never hesitates to spoil me and the kids with delicacies.

Woo.. my satays are here!

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