Friday, September 19, 2008

I have a gun!

It is unavoidable I guess that our kids will end up talking about owning, buying and using a gun at some point of their childhood as long as they get to interact with other children over a period of time. 

M talks about shooting bad guys with 'his red gun' nowadays. It isn't a favourite topic of his but he does mention it enough for me to raise my eyebrows. Sometimes he will say 'if so and so is very nasty to me, I will kick him very hard and shoot him with my gun and he will collapse on the floor and die'. Oops. And I must admit that sometimes I don't know what is best to say in response.

Well, he talks a lot about another kid in his class named Bryan whom he deems to be one of his 2 best friends in school. Bryan must have watched lots of fighting on TV and especially love the transformers cartoon. From what I gathered after listening to M's description of Bryan, this boy likes to kick and fight, or at least pretend to be a transformer who has a gun.

E brushed it off as part of a natural development for a boy and it is better to have some imagination than none. Hmm.. So here I am, trying to shrug it off too.

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