Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday to M AGAIN!

As I mentioned in my earlier post (here)that we couldn't celebrate during the week of M's birthday in his school for various reasons, E and I decided we will throw him a mini belated celebration in his class anyway. And we did. 

I couldn't get a Buzz Light Year cake, so I ordered a Tom & Jerry cake from a confectionery near us. He requested for a chocolate cake, so that was what he got and he was pleasantly surprised by the picture of his favourite cartoon on his cake. 

Just as everyone was singing him the birthday song, the shy birthday boy decided he wanted to hide under the table. 

It took him 3 tries to blow out the candles. Chipsy was really anxious to help!

With some of his classmates. The few standing closer to him are the ones whom he mingled with most. 

It was a really fast and 'efficient' celebration. I brought in a small bag of treats for the kids and the cake with some cutlery and paper plates. The teacher helped to cut and distribute the cake and everything was done in 20 min! 

Afterwards, M told us he had fun, loved the cake and likes to celebrate with his friends! Perfect!

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