Friday, September 19, 2008

Bento #12 and #13

I made 2 very simple bentos in under 15 min.

Bento #12
This was what Marcus got for his school lunch this week. I used the 2 layer bento box (total capacity 510ml).

Top layer: 2 pumpkin rice balls slightly flattened into disc shape to fit into box, carrot flowers, baby corn and 2 quail eggs with 4 garlicky tiger prawns.

Bottom layer: 2 Japanese rice crackers, one with black seasme and the other with black beans. 3 grapes and half avocado decorated with another carrot flower.

Not shown: a pack of 180ml Smoo milk.

The pumpkin rice was made with steamed pumpkin that I mashed into sushi rice before shaping. Tiger prawns were stir-fried in grape seed oil with a pinch of sea salt and a clove of minced garlic. Total 9 ingredients excluding the oil, salt and rice crackers. I really love the presentation of this bento. There is something very pretty about it which makes me smile. :)

Bento #13

For Chipsy's lunch. Half avocado, a small pumpkin rice ball, a quail egg, baby corn, carrot flower and 1 garlic prawn. I included half of a small Japanese sweet potato to boost the complex carbohydrates content and also to add sweetness to the meal. Total 9 ingredients.


Anonymous said...

is quail eggs gd for kids?

i see u use it quite frequently in their bentos :)

and wow! u're giving prawns to chipsy already!

Kelly said...

i m drooling over ur bento sets. my husband caught sight of it too when i was reading ur blog n marvelled at ur presentation.
thks 4 sharing. will try something 4 e boys.

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi Kelly, thanks! Do share photos of your bentos when you make some for your kids. :)

Anonymous, quail eggs are like mini packages of natural and wholesome protein, easy for kids to eat and high in appeal. So why not! :)


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