Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival 2008

Ahem.. this is another belated post.

After missing the mid autumn festival celebration at the Chinese Garden for 2 years, we decided to take the boys this year for the experience. We didn't bother to get lanterns for the boys since from past years' experience, M wasn't that keen on holding one anyway. Besides, I only fancy the traditional ones that are made of paper and use candles instead of the "new generation" plastic and battery operated versions that play annoying music. Since the former is still a little too tricky for the boys to handle, I just didn't bother. They didn't care to have one anyway, despite seeing loads of children with brightly coloured lanterns. 

The exhibits didn't appeal to me at all, especially with the Hello Kitty theme. The kids aren't fans of Hello Kitty either so nothing at the festival captured their attention until we got to the fun fair section. 

Lucky M got to go on the bouncy castle and also tried on several rides and had so much fun. Unfortunately, poor Chipsy is too young to go on any of the car rides which he really wanted to. He just looked at his older brother enviously and cried his heart out for the whole hour. 

This is the first time M went on a ride all by himself. Here was the boy on the "balloon". 

I was a little worried and kept reminding him to sit down. There was no seat belt or any safety feature except for that little door. But he was so calm even when he was at the highest point. He just looked around and occasionally glanced at our direction. 

We didn't have any photos of M on the bumper car with papa, nor the roller coaster ride he went on his on, as I was busy holding on to Chipsy who was wailing non-stop. Must have been so awful for the baby since he couldn't understand that he is too young for any of those rides. 

Well, now that we know M is ready for Disneyland, we shall plan a trip to Tokyo Disneyland next year. There will be plenty of opportunities for the baby to ride to his heart's content then. It will be after all, a holiday that is mainly for the kids. I shall just enjoy making them happy and indulge in sashimi and bento gear shopping. Hah! 

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