Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mama Ouch!

Whenever the kids hurt themselves, I always kiss them where they got hurt and tell them that my kiss will make it all better. They learn quickly that this special trick from mama will soothe them and come to appreciate my gesture of love.

Recently, I was clumsy and hurt myself so frequently. I ended up with plenty of cuts, bruises and grazes all over my arms and legs. Nothing major, just not very pretty. The kids notice and will keep coming over to me and exclaiming in a sympathetic tone 'Aww.. mama OUCH!' before kissing my legs and arms repeatedly. Once I stepped on a piece of Lego which M left on the floor and let out a big "Ouch!". Both boys paused in their play and dashed over with their "Mama Ouch! Aww.. Mama Ouch!" before showering my feet with kisses. It was so sweet and hilarious really, but I had to stop them. I am not the Pope, so no feet kissing! 

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