Thursday, September 11, 2008


Chipsy has been nicknamed 'fatty boom boom' since he was a baby as he always has a round tum tum. It is an endearing term to E of course, but I still feel awful about the baby being called 'fatty' when he isn't even fat in the first place. Even if he is, I still feel bad about such term, so I usually avoid calling him that nick. 

E has a little tune to accompany the nick that goes 'My fatty boom boom, fatty is a boom boom' which he used to sing whenever he bathed and dressed the little baby. It is actually very funny to watch and listen to E singing it and I must admit the catchy tune plays in my head for a long time and I do give in at times and whisper it to myself when no one else is near. 

Last Sunday before E left for his trip, he was giving Chipsy a bath when I walked into the bathroom. Watching them quietly for a brief moment, I asked 'Will you miss your fatty?'. Both baby and papa replied in unison "Yes!" Baby didn't even look up at me and continued emptying his bath water with the little pail. Realising what the baby has implied instantly, the papa went 'Oi! you cheeky fatty!' and proceeded to torture him with a big tickle. 

It is amazing how sharp a baby's observation can be. Haha!

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