Friday, September 12, 2008

I made a special present for you!

I picked him from school today and like always, he flashed me his bright little smile and told me shyly that he has some present for me and it is in his folder. They bring home a folder every Friday that collects all their "paper work", i.e. work that they had done in the week which are on paper. As most Montessori fans will know, lots of the Montessori classroom work is done in the classroom with the special Montessori materials and can't be brought home to show the parents. 

Anyway, when I heard what he said, I replied enthusiastically that I would love to have a look at it the very moment we reach home. I couldn't wait to get out of there as I was getting hot and sticky waiting in the hot sun and there was a big bottleneck building up with the strollers, kids and parents all trying to leave the building through the narrow gate. He obliged and walked with me to the main road. After a minute or so of walking, he exclaimed again, 'Mummy, I made something special for you today. Let me show you!' and proceeded to unzip the folder hanging at the side of the stroller. I didn't have the heart to stop him seeing his enthusiasm so we paused by the roadside and let him gingerly take out the little plastic box of green stuff. I took a look at it and melted.... aww... my baby made me a green snowskin mooncake! He beamed with pride in the sweetest expression and it just made me smile my megawatt smile. I hugged and kissed him by the roadside and told me that I can't wait to eat it. That made him proud and very pleased, I think.

Once we reached home, even before he took out his socks, he asked me if I want to cut the mooncake now. Told him that I would love to, but want to wait till papa comes home to show him the beautiful mooncake and we will cut it together. He agreed but would still ask me if I would like to try the mooncake 'now' every hour after till E finally reached home.

To me, this is one of the sweetest moments of motherhood. My little baby coming home with something he made specially for me and really wanting me to like it.  

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