Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bento #9, #10, #11

The plan today was to pack 3 bento lunches and have a picnic at the East Coast Park after fetching my 4yo from school. The boys have been asking to go play sand everyday ever since I took them back to the playground few days ago for sand play. The daily raining weather the past 3 weeks had kept us indoors a lot and they just missed digging the sand and making sandcastles. But it will be too hot to return there at noon time and it is also not a very conducive place for lunch. East Coast Park will be more ideal with the breeze, open space for strolling and beach for sand play. Besides I really fancy a picnic, so I made grand plans last night and packed all the things I need to take along so I don't have to rush in the morning and can spend as more time playing with the baby.

But of course the baby had to wake an hour earlier than his usual rising time today and dozed off while I was preparing the bentos! Urgghh! So when the bentos were ready, he was so fast asleep that I couldn't wake him up. So plans were changed and we had our bentos at home instead. Duh! By the time the boys ate, my 4yo looked way too sleepy to head out, so I have to shelve the sand play till the evening after he wakes from nap. Well, at least we ate rather healthily with our bento lunches.

Bento #9 
For the 2yo: Rice ball made from red rice, steamed Japanese sweet potato decorated with a piece of nori seaweed, a quail egg, half a fish cake stuffed with carrot flower, broccoli and stir fried chicken with courgette and carrot.

Bento #10
For the 4yo: Same food as above, just bigger quantity and with 2 additional baby corns and a portion of seedless grapes.


Bento #11
For me: Almost similar food as the boys but no quail egg, and I added steamed courgette, red pepper strips and carrots with some cherry tomatoes and grapes.

Urgghh.. the photos of the bentos just aren't doing justice to the colours in the boxes. Oh well...not much I can do till I get the camera fixed. Sigh!


Anonymous said...

hi, how do u make the red rice or brown rice soft enough for the kids?

when i slow cook brown rice porridge, my 2yo son can even pass out the husk of the rice!

so i cant imagine him eating brown rice itself.

Anonymous said...

where do u buy all ur bento stuff including the bento boxes?

how to tell if they're of gd quality tt can withstand heat?

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi Anonymous, would you like to introduce yourself? Seems a bit strange to me to reply to an Anonymous. :)

I cook the red and brown rice the same way, using the absorption method. 2 parts water to 1 part rice, over stove. Both my boys are used to eating the rice that way and have no problem digesting.

The bento boxes are from different places. Use Lock n Lock boxes if you want to be sure of the quality. You can find them in all major dept stores.

Handydog said...

Wow..your bentos are looking great! 2 Thumps up :)

Domestic Goddess said...

thanks handydog. I have tons of fun making them. Maybe more fun than the boys who have to eat them. :)


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